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Our company provides a full technological cycle of research — from designing the program of the research to the presentation of analytical reports. However our primary focus is fieldwork.

We offer

  • Both quantitative and qualitative market research (incl. on-line)
  • Fieldwork and Data collection
  • Small ad-hoc surveys and large national studies (Russia / Ukraine / Kazakhstan)
  • Face-to-face (in-home or street interview) / CATI / CAWI / CAPI
  • Bulletin Boards / MROCs

We provide

  • A quality service, tailor made to suit the individual needs of the client
  • Projects are conducted attention to detail and creativity
  • Research that is conducted within stipu lated deadlines to agreed specifications
  • Cost-effective solutions to business problems

Quality Procedures

Quality Procedures

SBF (SOCIS BASIS FIELDWORK) is a complex internal strategy of the company, which aims at offering high quality of field works on the market.

No doubt that collection of fair and suitable information is extremely dependable on the work of the interviewers. Falsification, neglected questionnaire space — aren’t these possible? We take great pains to avoid such problems.

Principles of SBF

Tough employee recruitment

Our interviewers conducting in-home investigation are mainly women aged 28 and older. They are subjected to a thorough assortment, moreover, firstly attempt to participate in test-projects. Unfortunately, on average, to every ten potential employees looking forward to work in our company and to conduct research only one person suits our requirements.

Employee work instructions

The company has developed work instruction for an employee “Instruction for an interviewer", which is to be studied by each employee. It contains basic requirements for conducting market research, principles of methods and sampling. Also, it explains typical methods and phrases to maximise response rate, examples and rules of filling in-field documentation, etc. on average, 30 pages. Once in two months each employee is to take exam, which assesses his knowledge of rules and requirements of the company.

Briefing and training

Briefing and training is part and parcel of every project. Thorough questionnaire guiding and simulation games are held before each survey.

Pilot survey

Before launching a project, a series of pilot (test) interviews is a must, what helps to make further crafting and improvement of the research tools, if necessary.

Detailed accompanying documents

In the course of the working process, for better and minute control an interviewer fills in a special route map to trace all his actions and movements in the framework of the survey (time, arguments for response rate, addresses, first names, surnames of the respondents engaged in the research). Afterwards, route map information comes into computers for further analysis.