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Our company has the resources to offer our customers quality service at all stages of research, from design tools to preparation of a final presentation. We are reliable and flexible provider of cost-effective solutions.

SOCIS offers its clients the facility of call-center for conducting interviews with CATI (via telephone).


  • 60 own workstations, more than 50 workstations in regions
  • Modern software NIPO + predictive dialer
  • More than 200 trained interviewers
  • Interviewing process is 100% PC-controlled
  • Surveys conducted all over Russia

CATI interviewing can be used for:

  • Tracking and monitoring research
  • Media research
  • Omnibus research
  • Measuring effectiveness of advertising campaign

SOCIS offers its clients a special studio, equipped for focus-group conducting. At your service:

  • one-sided mirror 2,5×1,5 m
  • professional audio equipment
  • client’s room for 5-6 persons
  • visual communication with the possibility of recording 2 video and audio cassettes at the same time
  • DVD / VHS recording
  • possibility of simultaneous translation
  • client’s room-to-moderator communication

And of course besides that:

  • high-quality recruitment of any complexity
  • warm reception
  • assistance in booking rooms at the hotel
  • very experienced moderators

SOCIS offers an online consumer panels covering approximately 800 000 Russians. We are able to guarantee delivery of high-quality, super-fast quantitative research projects at highly competitive rates. We have many socio-demographics available, such as gender, age, income, occupation, industry, and we also have information on our members’ usage of IT, usage of FMCG, and media consumption.

We provide project support to our clients via survey programming, translations and hosting. We have research software that allows for building questionnaires easily and fast, even the more complex survey designs. The surveys can be personalised, integrating companies’ logo and colours. The data output can be made available in Excel, CSV, or SPSS.

An Online Portal can be made available — an online tool for real-time analysis. During an on-going research, research data will be available 24/7.

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